Bulk Pricing

If you are purchasing more than 30pcs of the same item, we will consider it bulk.

We shall automatically send you a "Cashback Discount Code" to your email which you can use on your next purchase.  

The value of the discount will be as listed below:

for 30 to 40pcs - Cashback 5% of purchase price

for 40 to 60pcs - Cashback 10% of purchase price

for 60 to 100pcs - Cashback 15% of purchase price     

for 100pcs or more - Cashback 20% of purchase price

*example: if you purchase 35 pieces of the same item, costing a total of $500, we shall send you a Discount Code with a value of $25 {$500x5%)


This Bulk Pricing Promotion is only available on this website and not available on our sales page on other e-commerce platforms.

If you have purchased in Bulk on this website and have not received a cashback discount code, please email info@techgeekhome.com indicating your # Invoice Number.